Soul Work

Enhance and/or Regain

  • Relationships with Yourself and Other
  • Personal/Professional Success; Relaxation; Inner Peace; Life Purpose
  • Weight Management; Becoming Smoke Free; Resolution; Ispiration; Motivation
  • Pain Relief; Skill Development; Learning Processes; Creativity; Emotional Stability
  • Clarity; Focus; Joy; Spiritual Fulfillment; Life Fulfillment; Holistic Wellness
  • Anxiety Free Performance; Physical Wellness; Self Esteem;
  • Emotional and Mental Wellness
  • and more...


Addressing Issues of
  • Test Study/School/Work/Sports Performance Anxiety
  • Weight Managment; Panic Attacks; Stress; Depression; Trauma; Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia; Becoming Smoke Free; Cravings; Addictions; Habits; Life Transistions;
  • Learning Anxieties; Perfectionism; Lack of Motivation/Inspiration; Chronic Illness;
  • Pain Relief; Skill Development; Learning Processes; Creativity; Emotional Stability
  • Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors; Emotional/Mood Instability; Accident Pronness;
  • Spiritual Emergence/Emergency; Recurring Behavior Patterns; Relationships

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Post Traumatic Stress Clinic

Do you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Have you been diagnosed or suspect you have the symptoms associated with past trauma?

Take the self administered screen test to find out (PTSD self test) You don't have to have seen combat or experienced a life threatening event in your past to have these symptoms.

Often, emotional and psychological neglects and abuses, other than physical abuses, can trigger flash backs, panic attacks and debilitating depression; anger, angry outbursts and a limited ability to manage distress in the present as a result of past experiences.

Take the self administered PTSD questionaire to see if you experience the symptoms associated with PTSD.


PTSD Is Not a Life Sentence

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, or not but think you may suffer from the symptoms usually associated with PTSD, there is help. You do not have to live with the often debilitating effects of the symptoms. Often the treatments for PTSD can be triggering themselves of the symptoms. Significant and sustainable release from the symptoms without the negative side effects of treatment is possible. I use a combination of NLP and Family Constellations techniques and practices that can significantly reduce and ultimately eliminate PTSD symptom's without the common side effects of treatment. The techniques are designed to "unpack" the original traumatizing events and "repack" the triggers associated with them, with new, more resourceful states of being so that after treatment you feel refreshed and invigorated

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Trauma, PTSD and Addictions

From my experience, I have come believe that it is early life traumas, and toxic environments that lead to PTSD symptoms. These symptoms contribute to everything from common neuroses to more chronic mental health disorders, addictions, compulsions, enabling, co-dependant and dysfunctional behavioral patterns of all kinds. What happens is a person with PTSD their whole life learns to manage the painful symptoms by self-medicating in ways that become problematic. Once the original trauma pain is resolved, everything else becomes a lot more manageable.



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