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The politics of the 21st century

Lefties and Righties

Socialists are to the left of liberals. Most liberals are Democrats, although some have wandered over to the Green party. Republicans are right-wingers. Most Republicans are conservative. What does conservative mean? Do they want to conserve the environment? Do they want to conserve the 2nd amendment? Do they want to conserve a woman's right to choose an abortion? Do they want to conserve a separation between church and state?
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October 2008

Just three weeks away from elections and the whole country is energized with two top issues - who will win the election and who will save the country from financial ruin. Hardly a day goes by without some reference to each of these concerns. The Republicans have lost long held territories and backers and the country seems on the brink of electing a man of substance and who happens to be black. Time magazine chronicled the peoples of the South where the color of a man, once of prominent issue, seems to be eroding - 'evolving'. Click here for the lastest in poll tracking As for the financial crisis, we are taking it one day at a time for only time will tell.

Personal Responsibility

The name of the game is personal responsibility. That means that you just need to take care of yourself and not care about things like community involvement, poor people, or the obscene gap between the rich and poor in this country.

My Two Cents

Today is a gigantic event outside in Dolores Park - a soapbox derby. I thought it would be a tame event with little cars going down the hill. Never having been around this kind of event before, instead I am listening to loudspeakers blarring out music, talk, shouts, goofiness, and all around craziness. Luckily the day has cooled off so the windows can be closed but the sound is coming through just as much as if they were open. I need to take a walk!

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