Photos from Whidbey Island

This the image I took when visiting Whidbey Island on the Puget Sound. It is located in the small town of Coupeville. I went around on the decking of a store and found this great wall with its staircase and balcony.

It was a perfect backdrop to the garden and rooster sculpture that was sitting on the deck railing. I enhanced the color gradient by increasing the saturation level.



This second image is the lighthouse which is located in the Keystone on Whidby Island where the ferry takes passengers to Port Townsend. It is surronded by expansive views of the sound and surrounding islands. The ferries come and go throughout the day making this a busy hub in an otherwise bucolic setting.

The area around the lighthouse has been recently rennovated with landscaped public walkways, benches, childrens' play area, a stretch of natural beach (rocky) all with the endless view of Puget Sound with it's wildlife, beauty, and the constant comings and goings of the Port Townsend Ferry.



map of whidbey island

This map of the island can helpful in navigating its many hamlets and farmlands. There is one main road and many small towns. The most known is Langley with beautiful homes, gardens, views, and great people - at least the ones I met.

What stood out about the people was the combination of relaxed life-style and overall happiness of being able to live on the island. We spent three days touring around and joining in with friends. From the very moment we landed on Whidbey I didn't want to leave. It felt unusually welcoming and constantly beautiful.

The clickable areas are those of the Keystone Ferry crossing to Port Townsend, Coupeville home of the red wall, and the southern town of Langley just a short dirve from the Keystone Ferry.


Background notes

The background image to this page has been modified in Fireworks. Most of the ants have the same gamma while others are more or less to give more depth. The viola has aslo been faded by decreasing the gamma(alpha). The catepillar has a higher gamma then the rest of the images.


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